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The Controller of Defence Accounts (Air Force) is responsible for the audit, accounting and adjustment of all receipts and expenditure in respect of Air Force. This office provides funds to the Air Force, audits the Pay & Allowances of all IAF Officers, Airmen, NCs(E) and Civilians, stores and public fund (cash book) accounts of the Air Force and prepares as well as submit to the CGDA on the basis of accounts prepared by and received from the service organization, the consolidated accounts of receipts and expenditure relating to the Air Force, for incorporation in the books of the Government of India.

The office of the CDA (AF) comprises of the following sections:

      In addition to the above sections, the CDA (AF) has the following branch offices under his administrative control:-

  1. DCDA(AF), New Delhi- This office is responsible for the audit /classification under proper head of accounts of receipts and expenditures  in respect of Pay and Allowances of Air Force officer, Airmen , NCs(E) and Civilians etc. belonging to Group A to D, except Group D Civilians   working outside Air HQrs. This office is also entrusted with the scale audit of Air Force officers as well as civilians and audit of other various types of claims as specifically required by CDA (AF).

  2. Apart from above office, The CDA (AF) has also Local Audit Offices serving under him for audit and inspection of the Store Accounts of Air Force units and formations.
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